LitterDrone, an example of the use of drones for land management for the Spanish National Park Network

This summer LitterDrone has been part of the “Course on drone use for land management” that the Spanish National Park Network hosted in the Spanish National Environmental Education Center in Valsaín (Segovia) between the 23rd and the 25th of July.

In the course, aimed at the personnel of the National Park Network as part of their “Developing the National Park Network 2018” program, assistants were presented with several examples of the use of drones for different environmental works in the Spanish National Park Network, including amongst them the activities of the LitterDrone project in Cíes Islands from the Atlantic Islands of Galicia Maritime-Terrestrial Park.

During his intervention, the LitterDrone project’s consortium representative, Juan Pablo Pérez, showed assistants the basis for the project, its objectives and a description of the sampling and fieldwork carried out in the Atlantic Islands National Park during the project’s lifetime.

Course assistants also received training in park flyby regulations, other examples of drone activities in the National Park Network, such as the study of the Monte Perdido glacier, the monitorization of burned areas, the performance of ungulate censuses, and so on, as well as a practical workshop performed by professional drone pilots.

The LitterDrone consortium wishes to thank the Spanish National Park Network for being selected as a relevant example for their personnel.

The presentation (in Spanish) can be consulted in the following link: LitterDrone Valsaín (24-7-18)